Zhuhai's first million square meters 5.0 industrial new space starts construction! It's in Jinwan!

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On the morning of June 26, in two open spaces on the west side of Gaolan Port Expressway in Zhuhai, dozens of engineering vehicles shuttled back and forth, and hundreds of engineering personnel were sweating in the morning sun. With the roar of hundreds of pile drivers, the construction of the largest 5.0 industrial space in the city has been fully started, which has sounded the bugle call for the in-depth promotion of Zhuhai's "industry first" campaign.

Pingsha electronic and Electrical Industrial Park and Zhuhai West Railway Station Electronic Information Industrial Park, which started on the same day, were jointly constructed by HUAFA group and Jinwan District in accordance with the standard of "centralized and efficient, complete supporting facilities and cost-effective". The total land area is about 423000 square meters, the total construction area is about 1013000 square meters, and the total investment is more than 4 billion yuan 5.0 industrial new space project with the most complete supporting facilities.

Before this high-speed specification work has been completed. The project completed drainage and desilting of million cubic meters in 5 days, 600000 cubic meters of earthwork filling in 10 days, and 300000 square meters of field leveling in 20 days, "Site selection means mobilization" and "land acquisition means commencement".

According to the construction plan, the two industrial parks will be fully completed and put into use by the end of the year, which will not only provide carriers for the existing advantageous industries such as electronic information and intelligent home appliances in Jinwan, but also contribute model and experience for the construction of new 5.0 industrial space in Jinwan.Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area Industrial Park investment

01.jpgEffect picture of Industrial Service Center

01 close cooperation between government and enterprisesGuangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay plant rental

In December 2021, the Ninth Party Congress of Zhuhai City proposed "Industry first, transportation promotion, urban leapfrogging and people's livelihood as the most important" The master of sixteen character work.

On April 24, this year, the Zhuhai Industrial Development Conference made it clear that the city will add more than 10 million square meters of standard plants in the next two years to solve the problem of insufficient industrial space and expand new space for high-quality industrial development. Among them, HUAFA group will undertake the construction of more than 5 million square meters of standard plant. the Guangdong industrial park in the land sale

At 8:00 p.m. on May 11, Liang Yaobin, Secretary of the Jinwan District Party committee, led a team to negotiate with Li Guangning, general manager of HUAFA group, and signed a cooperation framework agreement on the construction scale, site selection and cooperative construction mode of industrial plants in Jinwan District. It was clear that HUAFA group would undertake the task of planning and construction of over 2 million square meters of industrial space in Jinwan District, of which 1 million square meters would be started at the end of June and completed within the year.South China industrial park investment and investment

03.jpgEffect picture of Pingsha electronic and electrical industry park

Jinwan District Party committee and government decided to complete the site selection within 5 days. About 317000 square meters of land will be built on the west side of Gaolan Port Expressway and the north side of Zhujiang steel pipe project Pingsha electronic and electrical industry park To the north of Guangzhu west station of Gaolan Port, 106000 square meters of land will be built into Electronic information industrial park of Zhuhai West Railway Station 。 The total planned building area of the two industrial parks is 1.013 million square meters, which is just located in the gathering area of leading enterprises such as Gree Electric Appliance and nastar, which will supplement the chain of "4 + 3" industries such as new generation information technology, integrated circuit and intelligent home appliances.Investment attraction of Zhuhai Industrial Park

In order to speed up the progress, Jinwan District has formed a special working group composed of several units and departments, such as science, technology, industry and information technology, economic development and reform, natural resources, housing and construction, finance, port and Pingsha town. It actively acts as a front-line service, realizes parallel examination and approval of multiple links such as publicity before project allocation, land supply approval, etc With the strong support of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, the municipal maritime bureau, the Municipal Port Administration Bureau, and the municipal agricultural and rural Bureau, the standard and efficiency are ensured.investment attraction in Zhuhai JinWan

04.jpgPlanning of electronic information industrial park of Zhuhai West Railway Station

At the same time, the research team of HUAFA group will rapidly promote the site selection and site selection in the early stage.investment promotion of Guangdong National Economic and Technological Development Zone

On June 6, Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of natural resources approved and issued the decision on state owned construction land allocation, which allocated 49000 square meters of land near Zhuhai west station in Pingsha town for the construction of industrial workshops in the electronic information industrial park. It took only 10 days to complete the city's first standard factory building in the form of allocation.Zhuhai park settled in

On June 17, all three industrial lands of the two industrial parks were allocated. On June 22, the two industrial parks completed the bidding announcement. investment invitation of China National Economic-Technological Development 

"The whole process is fast in decision-making and action, synchronous investment promotion and smooth communication, without wasting any time." Feng Fengmei, member of the leading Party group and deputy head of the Jinwan District government, said“ The cooperation between Jinwan and HUAFA fully reflects the advantages of the combination of government service efficiency and state-owned enterprises' executive power. ”Zhuhai Industrial Park Investment Promotion

02 site selection means admission, overcoming difficulties and ensuring construction on scheduleWorkshop rental in Zhuhai

After signing the framework agreement on the construction of industrial plants with Jinwan District, HUAFA actually faces two tasks: Before planning, design and construction, the land must be leveled.

On May 15, when the engineering personnel of HUAFA group entered Pingsha electronic and electrical industrial park for the first time, it was still a "Lake" with a depth of more than 2.5 meters, with water of 1 million cubic meters, equivalent to a small reservoir.Zhuhai Jinwan Investment Promotion


"It will take at least half a month to drain according to the conventional method." Zhu Jiafu, executive director of Huagang investment and Construction Co., Ltd. of HUAFA group, said frankly that the two major factors of large pumping capacity and continuous rainfall make the operation difficult "multiply".

"There are more ways than difficulties." Zhu Jiafu told Xiaojin that HUAFA decided to adopt the combination of "pumping and open drainage" based on the accumulated experience from the development of cross gate to Jinwan aviation new city and Tangjia Beiwei area. On the one hand, more than 50 high-power water pumps and 10 emergency rescue vehicles were deployed to participate in the forced drainage work from the whole city. On the other hand, through site survey, HUAFA decided to take part in the forced drainage work, There is a water channel about 400 meters away from the project, and an emergency drainage ditch was built overnight for 12 hours. "Multi pronged, five days to drain."Zhuhai Jinwan Industrial Park

Wang Hui, chairman of Huajin regional company of HUAFA city operation, told Xiaojin that in order to meet the requirements of tight schedule, heavy tasks and high standards, Jinwan District adopted parallel approval, advanced services and opened up a number of "green service channels" from project approval, land selection and allocation, financial review, application for temporary hydropower and construction permit, Greatly shorten the processing time.Preferential investment policy

On June 24, the two parks received construction permits as scheduled. Just two days later, HUAFA group completed the assembly of hundreds of pile drivers, mud trucks, more than 60 excavators and nearly 800 construction workers.Zhuhai land for sale

06.pngPlanning of Pingsha electronic and electrical industry park

"Under the condition of large volume, we need to complete the construction in two days like this." Zhu Jiafu has worn out a pair of labor protection shoes in the construction site for several days.

In terms of construction technology, in order to optimize and shorten the construction period and improve the construction quality, some beams, slabs, stairs and external walls of the project are assembled with prefabricated components, and the overall assembly rate of the first batch of projects will reach 50%. In addition, BIM modeling technology is fully used in the design and construction of the project to check the design collision, so as to further improve the construction efficiency, save cost and shorten the construction period.

03 create 5.0 industry space benchmark "build nests and attract Phoenix" service industry upgradingWhere is a good place to invest and build factories

"If we want more good projects to be introduced and dropped, we don't want to go. This is a problem that must be considered at the beginning of the design of a new industrial carrier." Guo Guiqin, executive vice president of HUAFA city operation, who is responsible for the project design, said.

Only by regulating the pulse can we make a good prescription 。 HUAFA group quickly set up a "field investigation" team composed of professionals in architecture, planning, structure, water supply and drainage. Guided by the construction standards issued by the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, HUAFA group visited functional departments, industrial associations and investment target enterprises within 10 days, and summarized the results including the number of floors, floor height, column spacing, load-bearing, elevator configuration, distribution load, etc The standardized technical parameter system with 16 parameters, such as unloading and hoisting, is praised as "textbook" for industrial carrier design by government departments and industry organizations. Among them, the core parameters such as floor height, load-bearing and elevator configuration exceed the standard of Guangdong Province.Industrial park settled in

In terms of plant types, the two parks have designed three types of standard workshops, including 2500 square meters, 5000 square meters and 12000 square meters, according to the production process requirements of intelligent home appliances, integrated circuits and electronic information industries. Some of them can be semi customized according to the individual needs of enterprises.

07.jpgEffect drawing of 2500 square meters workshop on standard floor

08.jpgEffect drawing of 5000 square meters workshop on standard floor

09.jpgEffect drawing of 12000 square meters workshop on standard floor

At the same time, in order to actively respond to the call of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", photovoltaic is laid on the whole roof of the two parks. The estimated installed capacity is about 19mw, the average annual power generation is about 23 million kwh, and the annual carbon emission reduction is expected to be 23000 tons.

It is worth mentioning that the park will also build a one-stop public service hall, intelligent product exhibition center, sharing exchange training center, high-performance power center, high-security dangerous chemicals warehouse, special truck logistics channel and other one-stop production service supporting facilities, to meet the needs of enterprises in government services, marketing, training, environmental protection, warehousing, logistics and other aspects. Among them, the high standard sewage treatment station can treat 2500 tons of industrial wastewater every day, effectively reducing the environmental protection investment of enterprises in the park.

At the same time, the comprehensive life services will further enhance the happiness of life in the park. Xiaojin learned that in the first batch of 1.013 million square meters of total construction area, dormitory, public canteen, supermarket, cinema, gymnasium and other supporting areas of living services account for about 15%. Among them, there are 2268 staff dormitories, which will be equipped with independent bathroom, small balcony, hot water, air conditioning and other facilities, which can be flexibly set as husband and wife room, single dormitory, double dormitory and four person dormitory. Five public canteens provide meals at multiple times throughout the day, with a maximum of 8000 people dining at the same time.

10.jpgEffect drawing of staff dormitory and commercial dormitory

"The new 5.0 industrial space we have built is not only the facade and scale larger than before, but also the comprehensive improvement in professional design, construction technology and industrial supporting facilities according to the industrial demand, which is of great significance to strengthen the chain and supplement the chain and promote the development of industrial clusters." HUAFA city operation Investment Holding Co., Ltd. chairman Guo Lingyong said.


Construction is only the starting point, and the construction and investment promotion are promoted simultaneously. At present, HUAFA group has set up a joint investment promotion team with Jinwan District, focusing on the main direction of intelligent home appliances, integrated circuit, electronic information and other industries, to launch precise investment promotion work in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other places. Through the means of investment promotion, investment promotion and production promotion, HUAFA Group strives for the "completion of the park" and "completion and production"!

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