Several Measures to Further Promote Investment Growth in Zhu

Time of publication:2020-09-15 09:52

In order to implement the central, provincial and municipal party committees' decisions and deployments on the overall promotion of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic growth, we will do a solid job of "stabilizing investment", give play to the polarity, initiative and creativity of all parties, and quickly influence the impact of the epidemic on investment Reduce to a minimum, strive to complete the investment plan "more than half of the time, more than half of the task" by the end of June, strive to achieve the annual investment target and task, and further promote investment growth. The following measures are formulated.
1. Responsibility for investment goals
      (1) Implement the main responsibility for stable investment in each district (functional area) and the responsibility of industry departments to manage the investment. The divisions are combined. The investment work of each district (functional area) and key industry departments is divided into tasks according to the goal of 20% growth ( Issued separately). Coordinate the fixed asset investment of municipal state-owned enterprises, and strive to increase the investment of municipal state-owned enterprises by more than 20% in 2020.
       (2) Arrange 20 million yuan in the preliminary work plan of the municipal government's investment projects to reward districts (functional districts) that have completed the annual investment growth task and key project plans, support the districts (functional districts) to actively plan projects, and accelerate the advancement of the project's preliminary work , Encourage all districts (functional areas) to continue to do a good job in investment. In the annual assessment of party and government organs, a differentiated assessment was implemented for the lead unit, and the assessment weight of key projects was increased by 1 point. (Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Working Committee of Municipal Organs)
2. Expand the scale of key project plans
      (3) According to 2/3 of the total fixed asset investment plan in 2020, plan the key project plan for 2020, including the key construction project plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the recent construction plan for 2016-2020, and the city's major investment promotion activities since 2017 Among the contracted projects, land-supplied projects, and projects that have not started construction, priority will be included in the 2020 key project plan, and various elements of the project will be given priority to ensure that the projects are started in batches. (Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, all districts (functional areas))
       (4) In key areas, key industries, and social and people’s livelihoods with mature conditions, a number of new key projects will be launched during the year; in areas such as public health facilities, material security, environmental protection facilities and rural public services, a number of mature construction conditions will be launched Projects to make up for shortcomings in the first half of 2020; in the first half of 2020, a batch of “three old” transformation and urban renewal projects will be launched and included in the 2020 key project plan, giving priority to guaranteeing various elements, and fully supporting the start of projects in batches. (The Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, the competent departments of various industries, and all districts (functional areas))
3. Create conditions for speeding up project construction
      (5) Expand the scope of enterprise job stabilization subsidies and recruitment subsidies, establish a labor supply and demand platform, classify to meet the needs of different types of work of different construction units, and extend the recruitment subsidy policy to construction workers who have not paid social security in our city. From March 10 to March 31, construction workers who have returned to work or newly recruited for construction projects in our city, and have worked on the project for more than one month, pass through construction sites (including housing construction, municipal, transportation, water conservancy, etc.) After the real-name management is verified, each construction worker will be given a one-time subsidy of 1,000 yuan. Strive to reach 100% of staff attendance by the end of March. (The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, and the Municipal Finance Bureau)
       (6) Strengthen the guidance of the community’s epidemic prevention work, lift the community’s restrictions on the entry of returnees from non-epidemic areas with health certificates and Guangdong health codes to the community, and assist construction workers in renting houses. Use temporary land to actively construct temporary turnover houses such as board houses to solve the problem of workers' accommodation on construction sites. (All areas (functional areas))
       (7) Speed ​​up the establishment of temporary storage yards for raw materials such as sand, gravel and steel in coastal wharfs along the river. Speed ​​up the transfer of the mining rights of the Zhuzailing granite mine for construction in Doumen and the Maciutou mineral resources in the Gaolan Port area. Promote municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in the development and utilization of building materials resources outside the city to establish a procurement and high-quality supplier network system, do a good job in the procurement of various raw materials, and ensure the supply of construction materials for major projects. (The Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, each district (functional area))
       (8) Simplify the handling of night-time construction permits, and construction companies can strengthen construction process management and take measures to reduce construction noise, which can extend the night-time construction time of construction sites. Relax the traffic control of construction vehicles on urban roads, provincial roads (Zhuhai Avenue), county roads and other major traffic arteries, strengthen the safety management of mixer trucks, engineering trucks, and dump trucks, issue road permits, and allow roads in the city during the noon time limit Mixer trucks, construction trucks, and dump trucks go on the road. (The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, each district (functional area))
Fourth, strengthen factor protection
       (9) Fully implement various preferential policies for industrial land use, give priority to guaranteeing the industrial project land indicators and forest use indicators listed in the key project plan, coordinate the use of new and existing construction land, rationally arrange the land use plan indicators, and give priority to support those that conform to industrial policies The land for the project will serve the construction of livelihood facilities and promote the innovative development of industries. Qualified private investment projects shall support the provision of land in the form of capital contribution or equity participation in state-owned construction land use rights, and jointly invest in construction with social capital. (Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal SASAC)
      (10) Accelerate the advancement of land acquisition, demolition and pipeline relocation for key projects. The requisition, demolition and pipeline relocation and transformation plans are linked with the project schedule and capital plan to ensure the smooth transfer of the red line land for construction. (Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, all districts (functional areas))
      (11) According to the epidemic situation and market conditions, the information prices of building materials shall be announced and updated in a timely manner every 5-10 days. The price difference of materials for government investment projects under construction before the end of June 2020 can be adjusted during the construction period. (Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau)
       (12) Government investment project construction units (excluding administrative institutions) that "more than half of the time and more than half of the investment progress" and completed the investment plan before the end of the year will be rewarded. The reward funds are calculated at 3% of the construction unit management fee (standard by the Ministry of Finance) If the project investment plan is completed one month in advance and exceeds 10% of the total planned investment for the year, the reward fund is calculated at 5% of the construction unit management fee (standard by the Ministry of Finance), and the upper limit of the project budget is 2 million yuan; related project construction The unit gives positive incentives for credit plus points. (Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau)
       (13) Carry out financing "bridging" services, establish a list of key projects and key enterprises, and coordinate financial institutions to increase loan support for key projects, mixing stations and other raw material manufacturers, and do not draw, continue to lend, and do not suppress loans. Provide support for deferred loan repayment, extended loan renewal, lower interest rate, reduction or exemption of overdue interest, increase of credit loans and medium and long-term loans. Implement the municipal government's relevant financial benefits to enterprises, and grant interest subsidies and government risk sharing to eligible corporate loans issued by banking institutions at preferential interest rates. (Municipal Financial Work Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Industry and Information Bureau)
      (14) Encourage all districts (functional areas) and departments to actively declare investments within the central budget. For district government investment projects that successfully apply for investment within the central budget and subsidized by the municipal finance, the investment within the central budget is included in the district-level fiscal investment. The proportion of financial subsidies remains unchanged. (City Finance Bureau)
5. Promote the steady and healthy development of real estate investment
      (15) During the epidemic prevention and control period, the newly-transferred operating land in 2020 can reduce the land bidding performance bond in stages, and it can be agreed that the land price will be paid in two or three phases, of which the first phase must start from the date of signing the land transfer contract 50% of the land transfer price is paid within one month, and the remaining land transfer price can be paid in three to nine months from the date of signing the land transfer contract in each subsequent period. For those affected by the epidemic and fail to pay the land transfer price within the time limit stipulated in the land transfer contract, upon approval of the application, the relevant contract clauses can be supplemented to be extended accordingly. The extension period will not be included in the default period and no liquidated damages will be calculated. (City Natural Resources Bureau)
      (16) After the construction unit submits a written commitment to pay the land price according to the contract, the natural resources department can issue the construction land planning permit for the construction unit and note the relevant conditions. The postponement of payment of land price will not affect the construction application procedures such as project land use, planning and construction. If the construction unit fails to pay the land price, the first registration of land use right will not be processed. (Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau)
      (17) For commercial housing pre-sale projects affected by the epidemic, if the ceiling is completed, 10% of the reserved limit for the cancellation of the pre-sale funds for commercial housing can be given at one time. Upon completion of the completion acceptance, 10% of the reserved quota for cancellation of completion filing may be given at one time. The remaining pre-sale funds for commercial houses shall be implemented in accordance with the "Zhuhai Municipal Commercial Housing Pre-sale Funds Supervision Measures" (Zhu Gui Jian Fang Gui [2018] No. 3) until the balance in the supervision account exceeds the reserved limit, and the excess can be paid upon application. (Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau)
      (18) From now to 3 months after the end of the epidemic prevention and control period, the payment of urban infrastructure supporting fees for real estate development projects can be postponed for 3 months. (Municipal Natural Resources Bureau) 6. Provide efficient project approval services
      (19) Continue to carry out the reform of the project approval system, and launch the Zhuhai City Construction Project Approval Management System in mid-March, provide parallel approval services covering the whole city and conduct “no-face” approval online, and fully implement the tolerance acceptance and notification commitment system , And strive to reduce the time limit for approval by one third on the basis of the current time limit for external commitments. Coordinate the overall provision of agency services for projects settled in the district, promote early settlement of new projects, and start construction of settled projects as soon as possible. Simplify the handling of temporary land use for key projects, implement a filing commitment system, shorten the processing time, and reduce or exempt temporary land rents and restoration deposits. (The Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, all districts (functional areas))
       (20) Implement joint plan review, joint surveying and mapping, and joint acceptance before the end of June. Introduce regional assessment implementation measures, complete regional earthquake safety, overwhelming important mineral resources, climate feasibility, flood impact, water resources demonstration, water and soil conservation, geological disaster risk, environmental impact, energy saving, traffic impact, cultural relics and archaeology before the end of September Investigate special evaluations such as exploration, lightning disasters, etc., actively inform the construction unit of relevant construction requirements before land transfer or allocation, implement the notification and commitment system for corresponding approval items, and change the government's supervision method. Before the end of June, a total list of land resources and technical control indicators for the transfer of parcels will be formulated, and the government will deliver a list of various evaluation items to the land-using enterprises to speed up the process
The land supply procedures will realize the reform goal of "the enterprise can start construction after acquiring the land." (Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau) This measure is valid until December 31, 2020. Each lead unit shall formulate specific implementation rules as soon as possible from the date of issuance of this policy and measure, and be responsible for organizing the implementation. All districts (functional districts) can further increase their support in accordance with the policy measures and the actual work in the district. All districts (functional areas) and departments shall implement policy publicity and implementation to enterprises according to the division of labor. The municipal government shall carry out special inspections of various districts (functional areas) and departments according to the situation, and implement accountability for the units and relevant persons responsible for their ineffective work.

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