Measures of Zhuhai City on Strengthening Investment Promotio

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       Article 1 is to further implement the innovation-driven and opening-leading strategy, and fully implement the "Guangdong Province's Several Policies and Measures for Further Expanding Opening-up and Actively Utilizing Foreign Investment (Revised Edition)" and "Zhuhai City's Several Policies and Measures for Further Expanding the Opening-up and Actively Utilizing Foreign Investment", Strengthen the work of attracting investment in our city, promote the development of the real economy, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and formulate these measures.
       Article 2 [Arrangement of Support and Incentive Funds] The municipal and district finance shall make overall arrangements every year to strengthen investment attraction and promote the development of the real economy. The scope of support and award includes the settlement of advanced real economy projects or increase in capital and production, construction of investment carriers, and commercial introduction. Quotient,
Support for key projects, etc.
       Advanced real economy projects refer to key modern real industry projects that conform to the city’s industrial development orientation, including high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, smart home appliances, biomedicine, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, modern agriculture, marine economy, etc. Real economy projects. Companies that implement incentives for settlement of advanced real economy projects, capital increase and production expansion, must be registered in our city, pay taxes, have independent legal personality, implement independent accounting, and promise not to move out of Zhuhai within 10 years, not to change their tax obligations in Zhuhai, and not to reduce Or reduce the registered capital in disguise.
       Article 3 [Project Settlement Incentives] Newly introduced advanced real economy projects will be rewarded according to the actual paid-in registered capital of the enterprise (currency contribution only), with a maximum of 2 million yuan for every 10 million U.S. dollars or 100 million yuan, and individual project rewards The maximum is 100 million yuan. The paid-in registered capital can be calculated cumulatively within one year after the company completes the establishment or relocation registration. The advanced real economy projects that have been identified as the unicorn enterprise cultivation library in our city are in accordance with the "Notice of the Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government on Several Policies and Measures (Trial) on Cultivating and Introducing Unicorn Enterprises in Frontier Industries" (Zhufu Letter [2018] No. 396 ) Implementation, but no repeated rewards for the same type of matters.
       Article 4 [Capital Increase and Production Expansion Rewards] For advanced real economy projects that newly increase the actual paid-in registered capital (only currency contributions, undistributed profit transfers to increase capital, and allocated and unpaid transfers to increase capital), the company’s new actual paid up A maximum of 3 million yuan will be awarded for every 10 million US dollars or 100 million yuan of registered capital, and a maximum of 100 million yuan will be awarded for a single project. For those whose main business income increased by more than 100 million yuan from the previous year (including 100 million yuan, the following amounts "above" include this figure), more than 500 million yuan, more than 1 billion yuan, more than 3 billion yuan, and more than 5 billion yuan For advanced real economy projects, rewards of up to 2 million yuan, 4 million yuan, 6 million yuan, 12 million yuan, and 20 million yuan will be given respectively. If the year-on-year main business income of the previous year is less than the main business income of the previous year when the company received the award, the main business income of the previous year of the award will be the year-on-year base.
       Article 5 [Rewards for Headquarters Enterprises] For qualified advanced real economy projects, you can apply for the recognition of headquarters enterprises and declare related support rewards in accordance with the "Implementation Measures for Strengthening the Development of Headquarters Enterprises of Zhuhai City", but no duplicate rewards will be given for the same type of reward declaration items.
       Article 6 [Support for the Construction of Investment Carriers] All districts are encouraged to build a batch of investment carriers, and the government directly invests or entrusts state-owned enterprises to carry out land leveling, build standard factories and supporting infrastructure; encourage all districts or qualified enterprises to introduce The project’s agent-built workshops and supporting infrastructure can be used for free or leased to the introduced projects, and certain support will be given to the agent construction unit; various districts are encouraged to introduce or construct characteristic industrial parks, district parks, international cooperation platforms and other projects; encourage various districts to Financial institutions that invest in advanced industrial projects provide support. For the industrial construction land in each district from the start of construction in May 2017 to the completion before the deadline for the implementation of the Measures, a maximum of 10 million yuan will be given to support an annual increase of 0.1 square kilometers with complete procedures and leveling up to the standard.
        Article 7 [Reward for business introduction]
      (1) Implementation of rewards for referrals of major projects. Rewards will be given to investment-inviting units and individuals (except public officials) that have made substantial contributions to the introduction of projects in line with the city’s industrial development orientation. The maximum reward for a single project is 5 million yuan. Specific reward matters shall be implemented in accordance with the "Zhuhai City Investment Promotion Project Introducer Reward Measures".
     (2) Support participation in investment promotion activities. If the domestic and foreign investment promotion and investment promotion activities organized by the municipal investment promotion department need to be entrusted to agencies, associations, etc. due to work needs, the undertaking unit and the undertaking funds may be determined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Procurement Law and the task scale and performance results of the group, and Support the actual transportation, board and lodging expenses of up to 2 staff members, and the maximum support amount for a single event is 200,000 yuan.
Provide support to enterprises participating in domestic and foreign investment promotion activities organized by municipal investment promotion departments. Based on the actual expenses incurred by the company for participating in the group, the maximum subsidy for participating in the activities of the countries (regions) along the "Belt and Road" is 80%, and the maximum subsidy for participating in activities in domestic cities and other countries (regions) is 50%. Each company The number of sponsors for each activity does not exceed 2 people.
      (3) Support the organization of economic and trade activities of "Introducing Business through Business". Encourage districts and enterprises, industry associations, intermediary agencies, etc. to hold industry summits, industry forums, annual corporate meetings and other economic and trade activities involving or serving advanced real economy and emerging industries in our city. According to the number of participating companies With regard to the quality and the completion effect of the "Introduction to Business" activity, the highest support will be given to the event host area or the city’s event organizer of 50% of the actual expenses incurred in the city, and a single event can support up to 1 million yuan.
       Article 8 [Support for Key Projects] Newly-introduced projects that are leading enterprises in the same industry at home and abroad, or emerging industrial projects with huge development potential that can fill the city’s industrial gaps, or projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan Major projects can be supported in the form of "one matter, one discussion" after reporting to the municipal government for approval.
       Article 9 [Others]
      (1) All districts can refer to these Measures to formulate corresponding support and incentive policies and measures, and further relax the scope and amount of incentives. For those who meet the requirements of the same type of support award funds at the municipal level at the same time, the enterprise chooses to declare on its own, and no repeated awards will be given. The tax-related expenditures for obtaining support and reward funds shall be borne by enterprises or individuals.
       (2) The paid-in registered capital of the enterprises in Articles 3 and 4 of these Measures shall be used in enterprise construction, production and operation activities in principle, and the reward funds shall be shared by the city and district in a 50% proportion respectively for the projects in this city. Infrastructure construction, equipment procurement, R&D investment, living facilities, loan discounts, and executive subsidies. The application materials of the enterprise shall be submitted to the municipal government to apply for municipal award funds after being reviewed by the district to which it belongs and reviewed by the municipal commerce department. After each district cashes in the district-level support and reward funds, the municipal finance shall in principle allocate the municipal-level support and reward funds in proportion. Each district can determine the amount of district-level rewards for enterprises and apply for municipal-level rewards based on actual conditions.
       (3) The support and reward funds in Article 6, Article 7 (2) and Article 7 (3) of these Measures shall be borne by the municipal level. The application materials of each district, enterprise, institution or individual shall be submitted to the municipal government to apply for award funds after being reviewed by the municipal department of commerce. All districts are encouraged to give district-level supporting rewards in accordance with Article 7 (2) and (3), and the total amount of financial subsidy funds at all levels should not exceed the actual costs of the project.
       (4) These measures give priority to supporting enterprises with higher credit ratings; enterprises that have major safety accidents, major quality accidents or serious environmental violations in the reporting year will not be rewarded. The municipal department of commerce will conduct regular performance evaluations and inspections on the corporate reward funds with relevant units. If an enterprise engages in fraud, violates commitments, or refuses to cooperate with fund performance evaluation and inspection during the process of enjoying policy support, the municipal department of commerce and the municipal finance department shall cancel or withdraw the funds in accordance with regulations, and enter the integrity blacklist, and shall not apply in our city within 5 years This method rewards funds. Persons responsible for violations of laws and disciplines shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations; those suspected of crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling in accordance with the law.
        (5) These Measures shall be implemented from the date of issuance of the document, applicable to eligible projects from May 1, 2018, and valid until December 31, 2020. If the validity period expires or the relevant laws and policies change, it will be evaluated and revised according to the actual situation. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce is responsible for interpreting and issuing detailed implementation rules for these measures.
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