Investment Policy

Preferential policies

Gaolan Port Economic Zone Administrative Management Service Center and investment management Service Center will provide one-stop services such as investment approval, environmental protection approval, safety approval and project construction application for the project. For details, please refer to the preferential policy documents
In accordance with article 28 of the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China, the enterprise income tax shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15% on the new and high technology enterprises that need key support from the state. For the research and development expenses incurred by an enterprise for the development of new technologies, new products and new processes, the enterprise is allowed to deduct 150% of the technology development expenses actually incurred in the current year against the taxable income amount of the current year.
The assistance projects are listed as strategic emerging industry projects and key construction projects of Guangdong province and Zhuhai City, and enjoy relevant supporting policies and subsidies for talents, children's education, RESEARCH and development innovation and other aspects of the province and city.
Assist in securing industry support funds. According to the specific conditions of the project, the district will set up industrial support funds to support the project to establish a technology research and development center or laboratory in Zhuhai, and carry out activities such as energy conservation and emission reduction.
Compilation of Policies for Supporting The Development of Enterprises in Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Preferential Measures for Enterprises of the Headquarters (" Some Opinions on Encouraging The Development of Enterprises of the Headquarters in Zhuhai ", "Interim Measures for The Headquarters of Gaolan Port Economic Zone printed and issued (2011 Revision)").
Other requirements for the project investment in Gaolan Port can be further negotiated. The district actively supports the project to be stronger and larger to ensure that the project investment in Zhuhai has comprehensive competitiveness in investment cost, public supporting facilities, project land use, logistics, market and other aspects.
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