Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Loan Discounts for

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Chapter 1 General Provisions
         Article 1 In order to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, focus on the development of the real economy, effectively reduce corporate financing costs, and strengthen and expand a group of innovative industrial enterprises with international competitiveness, according to the "Zhuhai City Implementation of Industrial Enterprise Cultivation" Ten Hundred Thousand Plan "Several Policy Measures" (Zhufu Han [2017] No. 168) and the "Zhuhai City Industrial Enterprise Cultivation "Ten Hundred Thousand Plan" Key Project Construction Loan Discount Work Plan" (Zhufu Han [2017] No. 165) requirements, "Ten Hundred Thousand Plan" enterprises implement key project construction to give loan interest discount support. In order to standardize the use and management of funds, and combine the actual conditions of our city, these implementation rules are formulated.
       Article 2 The "Ten Hundred Thousand Plan" enterprise key project construction loan interest subsidy special fund referred to in these implementation rules refers to the funds arranged by the municipal fiscal year budget and included in the "four-in-one" financing platform interest subsidy funds for overall use. The direction and specific arrangements of annual funding support are subject to the notification of the current year.
       Article 3 The use of special funds must abide by relevant national laws, regulations and financial rules and regulations, and adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, and scientific standards.
Chapter 2 Supporting Objects, Conditions and Standards
       Article 4 Supporting objects
       This program supports companies that are included in the "List of 10 billion-level leading enterprises (including cultivation)" and "List of billion-level backbone enterprises (including cultivation)" in the annual "Ten Hundred Thousand Plan" for the cultivation of industrial enterprises; newly introduced industries Leading enterprises may be enterprises in emerging industries that can fill the city's industrial gaps.
       Article 5 Support conditions
      (1) The production and operation conditions of the enterprise are normal, and there is no record of major violations of laws or regulations and major dishonesty;
      (2) Since 2017, enterprises have invested in Zhuhai to build key pillar industries, strategic emerging industries, and major projects in the direction of future industries;
      (3) The total investment of major projects invested and constructed by the enterprise is more than 100 million yuan, with fixed asset investment, and project loans during the project construction period (referring to banking institutions, non-bank financial institutions, etc.);
      (4) Major projects invested and constructed by enterprises have been included in the statistics of the industrial investment project database of the municipal statistics department.
      (5) The project has not enjoyed the financial support of subsidies or interest subsidies for industrial investment projects at all levels.
        Article 6 Supporting standards
      (1) After the construction of the eligible project starts, the fixed asset investment of the project is not less than 30% of the total fixed asset investment, and interest subsidy funds can be applied for. Among them, a project investment of 100 million yuan (inclusive)-500 million yuan can be applied once; a project investment of 500 million yuan (inclusive) to 1 billion yuan can be divided into two applications; a project investment of more than 1 billion yuan (inclusive) The application can be divided into three applications.
      (2) For projects that meet the support conditions, interest discounts shall be provided at a rate no higher than the benchmark bank loan interest rate during the same period of the loan, and no higher than the actual financing cost. The specific standards are as follows:
       1. Project investment of 100 million yuan (inclusive)-500 million yuan, interest discount for 1 year;
       2. If the project investment is 500 million yuan (inclusive) -1 billion yuan, interest discount for 2 years;
       3. If the project investment is more than 1 billion yuan (inclusive), the interest discount is 3 years.
      (3) Companies in the "List of Ten-billion-level Leading Enterprises (Including Cultivation)", the total annual discount of a single enterprise does not exceed 40 million yuan; companies in the "List of One-Billion-Level Key Enterprises (Including Cultivation)" and newly introduced leading industrial enterprises and For enterprises in emerging industries, the total annual discount for a single enterprise shall not exceed 20 million yuan.
        (4) When the total amount of interest discount calculated in accordance with the above clauses exceeds the total amount of special interest discount funds for the approved interest discount declaration project, the amount of discount interest for each related project will be reduced in the same proportion.
       (5) For projects that have made significant contributions to the development of the city's industrial economy, the period and amount of discount interest can be determined through the method of "one enterprise, one policy" with the approval of the municipal government.
Chapter III Project Application, Approval and Appropriation
      Article 7 The general interest-subsidized fund projects shall be declared on an annual basis, once a year, and will not be accepted after the deadline; the “one enterprise, one policy” interest-subsidized fund project shall be declared throughout the year. The Municipal Service Center for Small and Medium Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Center") is responsible for organizing the implementation.
       Article 8 Project Application
       Interest discount projects are declared online through the municipal financial special fund declaration and management platform, and the submission includes but not limited to the following materials:
       1. The declaration form of interest subsidy funds.
       2. Letter of commitment for special fund application.
       3. Special fund application report.
       4. A photocopy of the business license of the application unit or the business license of the enterprise legal person (indicating that it is consistent with the original and affixed with the official seal).
       5. Loan contract, corresponding loan contract debit vouchers (loan debit receipts, bookkeeping vouchers) and interest bills and other vouchers (for the issuance of corporate bonds, provide relevant materials such as approval documents, prospectus, issuance documents, etc.) of the provincial financial regulatory authority) .
       6. Proof of the amount of fixed asset investment invested in the project.
       7. The project filing, approval or approval documents declared by the Ministry of Development and Reform, Science, Technology, Industry and Information Technology (the total amount of project investment and total fixed asset investment are clearly specified).
       8. Declaring enterprises other than the "List of Super 10 Billion Leading Enterprises (Including Cultivation)" and "List of One Billion Key Enterprises (Including Cultivation)" shall comply with the newly introduced leading enterprises in the industry as determined by the Municipal Department of Commerce or be able to fill the city List of companies in emerging industries with blank industries.
       9. If the project has new construction land, the environmental protection department shall issue environmental protection documents related to the declared project.
      10. If the project has new construction land, the land and resources department shall issue the land and resources documents related to the declared project.
      11. If the project has new construction land, the planning department shall issue the planning site selection documents related to the declared project.
      12. The reporting unit's last year's financial statement audit report and project special audit report (including fixed asset audit content).
       Article 9 Project form review and recheck
        The service center conducts formal review and "duplication check" on the online declaration of interest discount projects. After the project passes the formal review and "duplication check", the service center entrusts a third-party organization to perform project accounting.
       Article 10 Project verification and publicity
       (1) Verification and publicity of general interest discount projects
The service center will propose a list of discount projects and the amount of discounts for general discount projects in accordance with the clearly defined support standards in Article 6 (1), (2), (3) and (4) of these implementation rules, and report to the Municipal Science, Industry and Information Department for review and approval After that, it will be publicized.
      (2) Approval of the "One Enterprise One Policy" Discount Project
The municipal science, technology, industry and information department put forward a preliminary support proposal for the research on the "one enterprise, one policy" discount project, and reported it to the municipal leadership in charge. The municipal leaders in charge convene the municipal development and reform, science, technology, industry and information technology, finance, financial management departments and the Zhuhai Central Branch of the People's Bank of China to jointly study and form a support plan, and then report to the municipal government for approval.
       Article 11 Project approval and fund allocation
       After the project is submitted to the municipal government for approval, the fund project plan is issued, and the interest subsidy funds are directly transferred to the corporate account.
Chapter IV Departmental Responsibilities and Fund Supervision
       Article 12 Departmental Responsibilities
       The municipal science, technology, industry and information department is responsible for coordinating fund operations, guiding the service center to carry out specific work on loan discounts, and coordinating participating units to strengthen cooperation.
       The municipal finance department is responsible for the annual budget arrangements for special funds, and supervises and inspects the use of funds and conducts performance evaluations.
       The municipal development and reform department is responsible for verifying the filing status of key projects and supervising the progress of project investment completion;
       The municipal department of commerce is responsible for determining the list of newly introduced leading enterprises in the industry or enterprises in emerging industries that can fill the city's industrial gaps.
       The service center is entrusted by the Municipal Science, Industry and Information Technology Department to be responsible for the specific business operations of loan interest discounts, and is specifically responsible for accepting the application of loan interest discounts, and tracking and managing project implementation.
       Article 13 Management and supervision of funds
      (1) Enterprises that receive discounted interest subsidies should implement special account accounting and special funds for special purposes, and it is strictly forbidden to withhold or embezzle. Effectively strengthen fund management and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of municipal finance and auditing departments.
      (2) The service center shall report to the municipal science, technology, industry and information department on an annual basis the issuance of corporate loans and the use of financial funds.
      (3) The Municipal Science, Technology, Industry and Information Technology, Finance, and Auditing Departments will regularly or irregularly conduct performance evaluation, supervision and inspection on the use of funds, and inspect and correct violations of relevant regulations. Those who commit fraud or withhold embezzled funds shall be held accountable.
Chapter V Supplementary Provisions
      Article 14 The municipal department of science, industry and information technology is responsible for the interpretation of these implementation rules.
      Article 15 The implementation rules shall be implemented from the date of promulgation and shall be valid for three years.

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