Notice of Zhuhai Municipal Finance Bureau on Issuing Special

Time of publication:2020-09-15 09:54

All districts (functional areas) and related units:
       In order to implement the central, provincial and municipal decision-making and deployment on the resumption of work and production of enterprises, we will effectively accelerate the resumption of work and production of enterprises and support employees to arrive as soon as possible. With the approval of the Municipal New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters, the relevant policies and measures to support enterprise employees are now notified as follows:
        1. Policy Orientation
       In view of the fact that the municipal government has issued several measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties and resume work and production of enterprises (Zhufu [2020] No. 11 and 13), various districts have successively introduced policies and measures to strengthen enterprise employment security and increase employee attendance. In order to avoid policy duplication and multiple operations, the municipal-level special policy for supporting employees to work is based on existing policies and measures at the urban two levels, and mainly supports districts and district subsidies.
        2. Form of subsidy
        Employees of industrial and construction companies come to work, and each district is responsible for implementation according to taxation areas. In order to ensure that the expenses incurred by employees on duty are declared by the enterprise or project construction unit to the taxation location (district) government, the taxation location (district) government of the enterprise or project construction unit shall pay in advance according to local policy standards, including but not limited to chartered vehicle subsidies, Transportation subsidies, recruitment subsidies, training subsidies, human resource service agencies and employment service agencies subsidies, etc. Similar subsidies issued by governments at all levels shall not be repeatedly declared and enjoyed.
       According to the principle of actual expenditure, the expenditure of the above-mentioned expenses shall be provided with original vouchers or materials such as contracts and bills, which shall be reviewed and confirmed by the district-level finance department in conjunction with the industry or project authority and submitted to the Municipal Finance Bureau together with the appropriation voucher. The Municipal Finance Bureau provides subsidies in accordance with the tax sharing ratio stipulated by the current fiscal management system and allocates them to the district finance bureaus in the form of transfer payments.
        3. Other measures
       In order to further strengthen the efforts to stabilize investment, by the end of June 2020, all municipal governments (including municipal state-owned enterprises) will increase the progress payment ratio of investment projects to 85%, and increase the engineering measurement cycle to "January Two measures”, and strengthen the guarantee of epidemic prevention and control materials for key projects. The above measures can be implemented by reference to each district.
Hereby inform.
Zhuhai Finance Bureau
February 27, 2020

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