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China Green New Materials (Zhuhai) Industrial Park

Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone New Materials Industrial Park has been officially named as "China Green New Materials (Zhuhai) Industrial Park, which is one of only two parks in China that have been named as green New materials industrial Park. Has successfully introduced shenzhen successful semiconductor packaging materials, the United States PPG high-end high-end powder coatings, what love rich Ann electronic display materials, CRC PETG polyester material, Hong Kong of new electrolyte additives, chemical special polyurethane materials wanhua, hanlon polymer anti-aging agent and light stabilizer entropy can functional polymer materials, new materials, modest letter acetate material, polystyrene jianlong group, Taiwan big dongguang resistance dry film materials, American Cabot carbon nanotube materials, the United States lubrizol additives, SuoLi water treatment agent, the German opel, Germany ai di high-end water-based coatings High-end new material projects such as Lentas electrical insulation material, German Ecka special effect pigment, Belgian Solway functional auxiliary, Bomer new polyacrylamide material, Chenyu lithium electric binder material, etc. In the next step, the new materials industry will focus on the development of new energy lithium battery materials, functional polymer materials and new-generation electronic information materials. It will deepen the "high precision" link of the industrial chain, break through the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain, and strive to build a hundred-billion-dollar new materials industrial cluster by 2025.

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